Reviving Your Workout For V-Day

The time of chocolate hearts and giant stuffed teddy bears has arrived. You may be struggling with how to keep your figure when so much temptation surrounds you. Getting and staying fit during this time of year can be difficult but with a little focus and determination anything is possible. Especially for couples it gets easier and easier lose the drive to build a better body.


Whether you’re planning a big night out or a quite night in, you know that you will want to overindulge. Make sure that you’ve earned that chocolate and pasta. You will need to rev up your workout regime to get ready for the big night. That outfit won’t wear itself! Getting motivated when you’d rather just cuddle and eat bon bons is the hardest part but that’s where your friendly neighborhood Facet Seven comes in.


What better way to get yourself motivated than a workout challenge! We’ve created a 14 day challenge where you log the hours that you work out and compete to win great prizes. Starting today each person will work out at their own pace and keep track of the hours they complete in their Facet Seven Apps. You get Perkville Points just for participating. At the end of the two weeks we will announce the winners. In addition to winning awesome prizes this work out plan will make that extra dessert totally worth it.