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Whole30 Thanksgiving Recipes

I've never been a fan of boxed stuffing mix and canned cranberry sauce, so last year I searched through several recipes and came up with my own using fresh ingredients that were all Whole30 and Paleo. I use ground turkey rather than sausage in the stuffing and no added sugar in the cranberry sauce so I don't feel as guilty getting second helpings of these on Thanksgiving Day! 😉

Thanksgiving Stuffing


Sausage - (You can buy any sausage you like, however using ground turkey combined with the sausage seasonings will reduce the fat and calories in this meal.

Veterans Day

November is Friendsgiving month at Facet Seven, and while the obvious holiday connotation is to Thanksgiving, Veterans Day which we just celebrated also ties in beautifully to the theme of friendsgiving.

Veterans Day commemorates the service and heroism of everyone who has served in our military.

Whole30 Day 1

Saturday, I started the Whole 30 program for the second time. (Yes, second!✌) After doing Whole30 the first time I discovered a lot about my eating habits and the different foods that aren't as nice to my body as I wish they were (pizza, I'll miss you). However, even though I saw many benefits to staying Whole30, life happened (specifically, life with 3 kids who want boxed mac-n-cheese and fruit snacks for every meal) and I went back to snacking on things that were easy and simple and (processed). I broke the amazing habit I started of preparing my food for the week and began a new habit of winging it when it comes to meals, which never goes well for me.

I Candy-pend On You

Blog Post by Constructive Fiticism

What is it about candy? Why do we find it soo irresistible? Or better yet, why can't we find it *resistable*? Thanks to a "sugar intolerance," as the doctors called it in the '70s, my body doesn't react to it in the same way as most people.

Simple Homemade Chili

Temps are in the 80's in Houston right now, you know what that means... It's fall! Time to roll out with the fall recipes. This chili skips the beans and adds a few ingredients you may not have thought to ever add to your chili (think cinnamon). Are you still reading? Good! If you don't like cinnamon, don't worry, you're not going to taste a strong cinnamon flavor at all, it just helps enhance the other flavors in the chili.

Healthy Shake & Bake

Kraft had it right with the idea of Shake & Bake. Easy prep and and easy clean up! The only problem is that Shake & Bake is not whole 30, paleo, clean eating, (the list goes on). I took one of my friends regular dinner meals (Ranch Breaded Chicken) and turned it into a clean eating recipe everyone will enjoy!

Scroll to the bottom for the recipe without pictures.