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The Juiciest Turkey Burger Recipe

I've been working on a great Turkey Burger recipe for awhile now. Every Sunday turkey burgers are a part of my families meal prep. Turkey is a great lean protein and making it into individual patties for the week helps with portion control. I've tried several different ways of making the turkey burgers light and juicy while keeping them keto/whole30 and I finally found a recipe that works!

My recipe uses coconut aminos, if you haven't tried them, they are good on almost everything! It's a paleo/whole30 approved seasoning.

Member Highlight – Brittany Pierre

Wherever you may be in your fitness or life journey, know that you have the power to alter your destiny if you just take that first step. This week’s Monday Motivation comes from one of our members, Brittany Pierre. I was truly moved by her story, so today, with her permission, we bring it to you in her own words and hope you will find it as inspiring as I did.

Getting Back on Track

Getting Back on Track
After the Holiday Weekend

Thanksgiving is over and if you’re like most people, you ate way too much of the foods you don’t normally eat. Indulging in rich, calorie-dense foods from time to time won’t really set you back any; and in fact, if you’re highly active, an occasional cheat meal can be good for your metabolism and hormones.

Whole30 Thanksgiving Recipes

I've never been a fan of boxed stuffing mix and canned cranberry sauce, so last year I searched through several recipes and came up with my own using fresh ingredients that were all Whole30 and Paleo. I use ground turkey rather than sausage in the stuffing and no added sugar in the cranberry sauce so I don't feel as guilty getting second helpings of these on Thanksgiving Day! 😉

Thanksgiving Stuffing


Sausage - (You can buy any sausage you like, however using ground turkey combined with the sausage seasonings will reduce the fat and calories in this meal.

Veterans Day

November is Friendsgiving month at Facet Seven, and while the obvious holiday connotation is to Thanksgiving, Veterans Day which we just celebrated also ties in beautifully to the theme of friendsgiving.

Veterans Day commemorates the service and heroism of everyone who has served in our military.