Breaking Through Those Dreaded Plateaus

There are two types of plateaus you can hit when in a fitness routine - weight loss plateaus and workout plateaus. Weight loss plateaus, while frustrating, are the easier of the two to overcome. Thus, let’s talk about how to break through a workout plateaus when your strength has stopped increasing altogether.

Sometimes it may be difficult to distinguish between an energy deficit and a true workout plateau. Remember to ask yourself questions to self assess your situation. Questions like “What is my ultimate goal?,” “What has my diet been like?,” and “How long has this plateau lasted?,” can help to decide whether you’ve hit a workout plateau or not.

Once you’ve decided that you have hit a workout plateau there are many ways you can work to overcome this pause in progress. Some of the most common solutions are:

Follow the Program

Depending on which workout program you are following, it may have a built in remedy for this situation. Many programs, especially those for strength and performance, will have solutions factored into the regimen for when your progress stalls. In this case, just follow the program’s recommendations.


If everything in your exercise routine has seem to stall out then you may want to try a full deload. Deloading means to decrease the work or amount of work being done during an exercise so that your body has time to readjust to an “easier” form of the exercise for a certain period of time.

Take time off

One of the most neglected aspects of training is taking time off. If you absolutely can’t take a break in your routine then deloading could work best for you. If you are able to take a break then make the most of it. Try new stretches. Become more aware of your body’s limits and strengths before easing back into your routine.

Change something, anything.

The size of the change is completely up to you and should fit into your specific routine. Doing the same exercise or group of exercises for an extended period of time will not produce ever progressive results. While it is not necessary to change up your every move constantly it is important to give your body a sense of differentiation.

Breaking through workout plateaus may seem tough but it is not impossible. Follow these tips and do what is best for you. You’ll be able to push through in no time.