Breaking Through Those Dreaded Plateaus

There are two types of plateaus you can hit when in a fitness routine - weight loss plateaus and workout plateaus. Weight loss plateaus, while frustrating, are the easier of the two to overcome. Thus, let’s talk about how to break through a workout plateaus when your strength has stopped increasing altogether.

What Does it Mean to Be Functionally Strong?

Functional Fitness is one of the biggest phrases right now in the world of health and wellness. It means training your body for every day activities. The focus of this type of program is to increase your ability to perform real-life tasks better. Tasks such as gardening, running up a flight of stairs, getting out of your car, etc.

Reviving Your Workout For V-Day

The time of chocolate hearts and giant stuffed teddy bears has arrived. You may be struggling with how to keep your figure when so much temptation surrounds you. Getting and staying fit during this time of year can be difficult but with a little focus and determination anything is possible.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

The holiday season is now in full swing and with less than a week to go, last minute shopping and preparing is consuming most of your spare time. In these moments, it’s tempting to relegate your workouts to “I’ll try to fit it in” status but this usually translates into zero workouts until after the New Year.

I Candy-pend On You

Blog Post by Constructive Fiticism

What is it about candy? Why do we find it soo irresistible? Or better yet, why can't we find it *resistable*? Thanks to a "sugar intolerance," as the doctors called it in the '70s, my body doesn't react to it in the same way as most people.

9/12 The Day We Kept Going

Most of us remember exactly where we were and what we were doing on 9/11/2001, but few of us remember what we were doing on 9/12. The gravity of the last 24 hours was still weighing heavy on our minds but we banded together as a nation and began to rise up like the Phoenix with resilience, strength and resolve.