Why You Should Add Pandiculation to Your Training Routine

If you're an athlete, you're probably familiar with muscle memory—it's why we keep practicing a movement when we want to get better at it. When we repeat a movement like swinging a golf club over and over, the neurons involved in controlling that movement develop stronger and more efficient connections.

Therapy Thursday-Pain with overhead press

The Overhead Press requires a lot to perform safely and without injury. You need shoulder mobility and stability. You need thoracic mobility and lat flexibility. You need low back stability. Finally you also need mobility in your neck. If you not have all these prerequisites, you can end up with neck pain, shoulder pain, or back pain.

Therapy Thursday-Overhead Press

Many patients and athletes report difficulty with overhead pressing. Neck pain and shoulder pain are common, but even low back pain is frequently reported with this challenging exercise. Especially if done in standing with a barbell.

Common faults

Anterior bar path
muted hips
hyperextension of spine
forward torso

The anterior bar path is seen when the neck can not be retracted, the Thoracic spine is limited or the lats are tight.

What is Glute Amnesia

A study in 2013 showed that hip pain can reduce peak force in the glute max during activities like a bridge or hip extension.
Some people have been trying to blame the hip flexors and too much sitting for this, but there is no good research to support the claim that tight, overactive hip flexors inhibit the glutes.

Member Highlight – Brittany Pierre

Wherever you may be in your fitness or life journey, know that you have the power to alter your destiny if you just take that first step. This week’s Monday Motivation comes from one of our members, Brittany Pierre. I was truly moved by her story, so today, with her permission, we bring it to you in her own words and hope you will find it as inspiring as I did.