Getting Back on Track

Getting Back on Track
After the Holiday Weekend

Thanksgiving is over and if you’re like most people, you ate way too much of the foods you don’t normally eat. Indulging in rich, calorie-dense foods from time to time won’t really set you back any; and in fact, if you’re highly active, an occasional cheat meal can be good for your metabolism and hormones.

Veterans Day

November is Friendsgiving month at Facet Seven, and while the obvious holiday connotation is to Thanksgiving, Veterans Day which we just celebrated also ties in beautifully to the theme of friendsgiving.

Veterans Day commemorates the service and heroism of everyone who has served in our military.

I Candy-pend On You

Blog Post by Constructive Fiticism

What is it about candy? Why do we find it soo irresistible? Or better yet, why can't we find it *resistable*? Thanks to a "sugar intolerance," as the doctors called it in the '70s, my body doesn't react to it in the same way as most people.

If You Don’t Make Sacrifices for What You Want, You WILL Sacrifice What You Want

What’s it going to be?

What will you sacrifice this week? Getting to the gym first thing in the morning means you’re going to have to go to bed a little earlier or give up sleeping in. How important is getting to the gym for you? How bad do you really want to get in shape?

Losing weight will require you to give up some foods you love and maybe eating some foods you don’t love.