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Fitness Trainer

Coach Taylor

Strength, Endurance, Mobility

Taylor grew up in Charleston, South Carolina and played sports throughout all of his childhood. Taylor’s life changed about 15 years ago when he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. While he sat in the hospital bed with severe joint and abdominal pain, he began to greater appreciate the ability to move and do the fun things that he loved like playing basketball. Taylor’s fitness journey began soon after his diagnosis. He began performance and strength training to become stronger and more agile to be better at basketball, and he quickly fell in love with the process of working hard and seeing physical results. With a new outlook on health, Taylor started taking his nutrition more seriously as well, and wellness became his passion.

After Taylor finished his four-year college basketball career and Economics degree at Sewanee, Taylor became a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, and worked many long hours training a variety of age groups and ability levels. He gained experience in a number of training environments including collegiate strength and conditioning and his own bootcamp fitness business. Taylor over the years has studied and completed a number of advanced certifications including  corrective exercise, nutrition, and Fascial Stretch Therapy. His most recent work was a group in Tennessee called Stretch Fusion. Taylor coached about a number of individuals ages 10 to 91 years old to achieve goals such as weight loss, athleticism, mobility, and strength.

Taylor’s true passion is helping people to move their bodies and do what they love for as long as they can. His inspiration comes from his Dad who can continue to play basketball four times a week at age 60. Taylor has a great skillset to where he can help a variety of clients no matter their ages or ability levels. What you can expect when you train with Taylor is a great program which includes fitness, nutrition, stretching, accountability, and a friendship.

Taylor lives with his fiancée and their eight pets in the heights. In his free time, Taylor loves to play basketball, go hiking, run, surf, and hang out with his dogs and cats.

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