Don’t Be a Loner

We all need some space from time to time and there is no better way to decompress than me-time meditation. However, alone time should not be reserved for the gym. Whether it’s classes or a personal trainer to spot you in your efforts have a support system makes an entire world of difference.


First up, classes, whose pros I could not shout about any louder. Classes are not only a fun way to interact with like minded individuals they give you tons of motivation to finish your work out. When you are surrounded by people who are struggling just like you are it feels good, it feels like solidarity in the struggle. Classes can also push you to limits you didn’t know existed because your mind is not on when it’s going to be over but on the present moment.


Second, but certainly not because of its benefits, is personal training. Now, before you go on getting concerned about the cost think about this little scenario and hear me out. You go to the gym for months, only use the machines you are comfortable with, and quit because you aren’t seeing any results - maybe you even hurt yourself and so you get discouraged. Well, that is where personal training becomes your savior. Personal trainers can help to tailor your work out routine so that you do see results and they will teach you how not to hurt yourself. Also, you will learn more about the gym equipment and how to use it effectively which can only help you in your future fitness endeavors. Being trained is all about taking a well-rounded approach to your health and that’s why I think it’s truly priceless when your working towards your dream body.

Consider teaming up with others who want the same things you do. Consider the leaps and bounds you could take, literally, if you had someone who was constantly there to cheer you on. Consider being part of a fitness family.