Build Your Own Workouts

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Designing and programming your own workouts can be difficult. Knowing how to properly order your lifts in each session, how much weight to use, or exactly what volume each set should contain are all factors that significantly impact your training efficiency. Without these variables dialed in correctly, your time at the gym can potentially be much less productive if not a complete waste of time.

The Facet Seven Method training books were built to give you program structure and exercise directions to ensure your training is as effective as possible.


With 3 months of training broken down day by day, your workouts will always feel fresh, organized, and effective.

We provide the basic outline of what movement archetypes should be performed, their frequency/intensity/volume, and give you a list of available exercises to plug in and build your own workouts.



We phase our training to flow with the seasons. Endurance in the summer when we want to be lean, functional in the fall to strengthen the joints and neural capacity, strength in the winter when we plump up for the holidays, and hypertrophy in the spring to develop muscle size and tone leading back into the summer endurance cut phase. However, despite the annual cycle, this program's effectiveness is NOT dependent on the month in which you start, just that you do start. These 3-month blocks allow enough working time for noticeable adaptations to the training but the quarterly changes keep things fresh.


Questions about how to use the Facet Seven training books or where to get started?

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