At Facet Seven, we believe in helping you achieve complete fitness, but what does complete fitness mean? If all you ever do is cardiovascular exercise, maybe your strength or core could be suffering; or if all you do is strength training, it’s possible your endurance or flexibility could be lacking. Complete fitness means you are giving attention to every facet of fitness, not just one or two.

We created Facet Seven as a simple guide to achieving “Complete Fitness.” We’ve broken it down into six fundamental areas with the acronym FACETS to be Flexibility, Agility, Core, Endurance, Toning and Strength. Facet Seven is simply the process of you working on all six facets in a balanced way; it is you practicing complete fitness.

To make sure you are balanced in your approach to the weights, we designed the Facet Seven Resistance Formula. This formula creates a continual progression cycle while maintaining balance in all the joints of the body. Because of this balance, we are able to push as hard as we can during each workout without ever overtraining or creating imbalances that can lead to injury. This program is so well-organized that you’re able to get more volume at a higher intensity each week, making continuous gains inevitable.