Facet Seven Personal Training

The Who

Not only are our trainers required to have nationally recognized certifications like NASM and ACE, but they’re equipped with MobilityWOD and FMS certifications giving them the skills needed to get you moving better than ever. Then we stack on the USAW L1 Certification so that our trainers can be the best in the industry when coaching for strength. Visiting with our trainers is like having a strength coach, personal trainer, and massage therapist in one.

The What

Using the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) test, we make sure that you have movement equality. If you have any imbalances or asymmetries in your movement you increase your potential for injury.

The FMS assesses the first three Facets - Flexibility, Agility and Core Activation - and looks at "how well" you move by having you perform a series of seven fundamental movements that are the basis for all human movement, and scoring you in each one.

In the Fitness Assessment, we look at how much you move. Doing simple bodyweight exercises and a cardiovascular test, we can get an idea of your strength and cardio profiles. This allows us the see where we’re starting when designing your program to reach your goals.

The three-minute step test will determine your cardiovascular Endurance, a body composition analysis will determine your "Tone" or fat to lean ratio, and a series of three strength tests for upper body, lower body and core will determine your total body Strength.

Now we can create a program that will get you to your goals as quickly as possible while staying injury free.

Using the information from the FMS and Fitness Assessment, we create workouts that will correct imbalances, improve mobility, and increase your strength and performance. A byproduct of our well-designed programs is that you tone up and look great, all while feeling amazing everyday!