Friends Keep Friends Fit!

It’s November and the start of the Holiday season. Soon you’ll be busy shopping, planning and attending parties, eating rich foods and finding less and less time for working out. If you know this time of year is difficult for you there are many strategies available to help you stay on track.

One of the best methods is finding a workout partner or partners. By creating a fitness “social network” going to the gym can be a fun get together. Knowing others are counting on you can also keep you accountable when you feel like skipping. Additionally, having friends who are struggling with you can help you by encouraging each other and sharing the hardships.

At Facet Seven, we want to encourage you to make use of this motivational technique with our November “friendsgiving” promotion. If it’s not you, maybe you know someone else who always struggles at this time of year. Invite them to the gym with you and be an encouragement to them. Whether you need support or know someone who could use your support, remember that friends don’t let friends struggle alone. Friends lend each other a hand in times of need, friends encourage each other when they’re feeling down, and when workouts become a challenge, friends keep friends fit!

-Jose Madrigal, Facet Seven Owner & Trainer

Fit Friends

Layn Chess

With a decade of training in "All things Fitness" Layn Chess has competed in competitions from bodybuilding, ultra-running, and even Ironman triathlons. On top of obtaining his NASM CPT, he furthered his experience with certifications including FMS, MobWOD, StrongFirst Kettlebell SFG1, CrossFit L1, and USAW L1. He's worked with clients ranging from athletes to those with injuries, people trying to learn better technique to those just wanting to be healthy for a lifetime. Layn currently focuses on educating the community through social media and blogging.