Getting Back on Track

Getting Back on Track
After the Holiday Weekend

back on track
Thanksgiving is over and if you’re like most people, you ate way too much of the foods you don’t normally eat. Indulging in rich, calorie-dense foods from time to time won’t really set you back any; and in fact, if you’re highly active, an occasional cheat meal can be good for your metabolism and hormones. It’s only when you prolong the cheating into several days that it begins to impact your fitness and weight-loss goals. So, after you’ve slid into a pattern of unhealthy eating during the holiday weekend, how do you get yourself back on track?

First, remind yourself of your goals. Take a moment to stop, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you’ve come too far and worked too hard to drift back into your old habits. Second, discard any leftovers that aren’t on your normal diet. Keep as much turkey breast as you want, but throw away that pumpkin pie! It’s better to let it go to waste than to let it go to your waist, right? Lastly, do one of your favorite workouts and follow it with one of your favorite healthy meals. The release of endorphins from exercise and positive reinforcement that comes from eating foods that you know are good for you will restore your mindset and determination.

You CAN do this! Remember you were doing it just a few days ago. Furthermore, it’s only food; they’re not gonna stop making it and in fact, more holiday meals are just a few weeks away. You’ll feel much better about letting yourself cheat again then if you get yourself back on track now!

- Jose Madrigal, Facet Seven Owner & Trainer

Layn Chess

With a decade of training in "All things Fitness" Layn Chess has competed in competitions from bodybuilding, ultra-running, and even Ironman triathlons. On top of obtaining his NASM CPT, he furthered his experience with certifications including FMS, MobWOD, StrongFirst Kettlebell SFG1, CrossFit L1, and USAW L1. He's worked with clients ranging from athletes to those with injuries, people trying to learn better technique to those just wanting to be healthy for a lifetime. Layn currently focuses on educating the community through social media and blogging.