Questions you need to ask when building a workout routine

Questions you need to ask when building a workout routine

There comes a time when people feel their workout routine is not yielding any significant results. Do you feel the same way? Do you often feel beat down after your workout? Or feel you're not making any progress, and somehow not enjoying your current workout routine? If so, what you need is a more personalized program designed to help you meet your specific goals.

Building a workout routine that’s unique to you can be complex, but here are some questions you should ask yourself before creating a new training program.

#1 What are your goals?

When starting any form of workout, always ask yourself what your goals are and what you plan to achieve. Are you looking to lose or gain body mass? Is there a particular body part you want to focus on? Your goals will help define and dictate your program. For example, if you're planning to join an Iron Man competition, we offer custom triathlon programs that focus on cardiorespiratory training with weightlifting.


#2 What do you enjoy doing?

Many people look to their trainers to build a workout routine for them. Unfortunately, even if the program is good, there are some who don't seem to enjoy it. Once this happens, it's going to be difficult for people to stick to their program and reap its benefits. To prevent this from happening to you, think of what you enjoy most and integrate those into the routines that will help you progress.

If you enjoy working out your upper body, but your goal is to strengthen your legs, adding some pushups and other arm exercises to your normal leg day routines can help you enjoy your workouts more. Incorporating something you enjoy to the new workout routine you're building will get you to train harder.

#3 Do you experience pain when working out?

Do you experience pain or have an injury that prevents you from doing a specific form of movement? If so, you have the option not to do it and still make progress. However, before building a new workout routine, you need to determine if the injury or pain you feel resulted from using the wrong technique.

If form and technique are not the issues, and specific movements are what’s causing you pain, try using alternative techniques. If you experience back pain when performing a barbell back squat, try doing it with lighter weights or do leg extensions, leg presses, or hack squats instead. The same goes for the other parts of your body. In addition, you can reach out to our on-site Physical Therapist if you’re experiencing pain with any form of exercise.

#4 What are the other things happening in your life?

Do you have a hectic schedule at work? Are you often stressed, or are you lacking quality sleep? These are factors you also need to consider before creating a new workout routine.

If most of your time is spent working, you can make up for it by increasing the intensity of your workouts during a shorter amount of time by doing high-intensity interval training. This ensures you continue to progress and meet your fitness goals despite your busy schedule. In addition, if you're under a lot of stress, it's highly recommended that you work out with less volume. This is because high levels of stress can affect your recovery time after a workout and even slow down your overall progress.

By creating a workout routine that you enjoy, you'll be able to work harder and reach your goals faster. If you need more details and expert advice when planning a program that works for you, our trainers and coaches here at Facet Seven will be more than happy to work with you. Schedule a consultation today to develop a workout routine you enjoy!

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