Facet Seven’s Remote Wellness program delivers highly effective and energetic group exercise programs to your workplace. Eliminate the challenge of scheduling time for the gym or learning how to exercise properly by bringing the gym and the trainer directly to you. With circuit based weight training and yoga, a complete fitness program can be set up on site at your location at the times that best suit your schedule.


Our uniquely designed boot camp program ensures your week of fitness is balanced to include strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility.
Whether you’re an experienced fitness pro or you feel like you’ve never burned a calorie from exercise in your life, we’ve got you covered. Our programs are scalable, easily modified, and accommodate all ability levels.


Fitness is not all about absolute power and maximum endurance. The mobility, core strength, and balance developed in our yoga classes will complete your exercise programming.
Travel inward and become present on a new level. Explore your physical capabilities and limitations while freeing your mind through the rhythm of your breath.


In the fitness industry, expended calories and elapsed time are the currencies we exchange for results and our ROI is a measurement of movement efficiency and a reflection of the quality of program design. We understand that your time is valuable, therefore training with intent and a clear purpose is the foundation upon which we program. Our classes are designed to deliver noticeable results in the most efficient formats possible. While muscle tone and fat loss are obvious results brought about by exercise, the list of intangible benefits is not insignificant.
As fitness continues to permeate deeper into the life of the average person, new research is continuously being published that supports the vital role exercise plays into workplace productivity. Employees who are happier and healthier generally perform better at their jobs than their more sedentary colleagues. Combining these cognitive improvements with the inherent team building qualities associated with group exercise can result in a significantly more cohesive and productive team.


Interested in learning more about our Remote Wellness program or experiencing it for yourself? Send us a message! Our fitness experts are ready to answer any and all of your questions, set up your free consultation, and schedule your complimentary trial week of training.
With no contracts or upfront commitments, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Let us show you the value of a high quality exercise program delivered directly to you.
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