Simple Homemade Chili

Temps are in the 80's in Houston right now, you know what that means... It's fall! Time to roll out with the fall recipes. This chili skips the beans and adds a few ingredients you may not have thought to ever add to your chili (think cinnamon). Are you still reading? Good! If you don't like cinnamon, don't worry, you're not going to taste a strong cinnamon flavor at all, it just helps enhance the other flavors in the chili.

Healthy Shake & Bake

Kraft had it right with the idea of Shake & Bake. Easy prep and and easy clean up! The only problem is that Shake & Bake is not whole 30, paleo, clean eating, (the list goes on). I took one of my friends regular dinner meals (Ranch Breaded Chicken) and turned it into a clean eating recipe everyone will enjoy!

Scroll to the bottom for the recipe without pictures.

If You Don’t Make Sacrifices for What You Want, You WILL Sacrifice What You Want

What’s it going to be?

What will you sacrifice this week? Getting to the gym first thing in the morning means you’re going to have to go to bed a little earlier or give up sleeping in. How important is getting to the gym for you? How bad do you really want to get in shape?

Losing weight will require you to give up some foods you love and maybe eating some foods you don’t love.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Last week I attended one of the best retreats I’ve ever been to. Roughly 48 hours of learning, sharing, problem solving and future preparing with dozens of other like-minded individuals. Going in, I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I very quickly realized this was not going to be your ordinary sit-and-listen type of conference.

Come Into The Light

We’ve all had the experience of fumbling about in the dark, then finally locating a light switch only to find ourselves wincing and closing our eyes when we turn the switch on. This is a natural protective reflex to pain and discomfort from the perceived "threat" that your eyes feel to the sudden bombardment of what would otherwise be harmless normal light.

Don’t Be A Dead Fish – Swim Against The Current

One of my favorite sayings I learned from my father growing up was “only the dead fish go with the flow.” I'm not sure where he heard it, but I'm glad he shared it with me. As a teen, these words helped me deal with peer pressure because I would visualize my peers as that river and myself being that dead fish when I was tempted to just go along with the crowd.