Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

The holiday season is now in full swing and with less than a week to go, last minute shopping and preparing is consuming most of your spare time. In these moments, it’s tempting to relegate your workouts to “I’ll try to fit it in” status but this usually translates into zero workouts until after the New Year.

Come Into The Light

We’ve all had the experience of fumbling about in the dark, then finally locating a light switch only to find ourselves wincing and closing our eyes when we turn the switch on. This is a natural protective reflex to pain and discomfort from the perceived "threat" that your eyes feel to the sudden bombardment of what would otherwise be harmless normal light.

Don’t Be A Dead Fish – Swim Against The Current

One of my favorite sayings I learned from my father growing up was “only the dead fish go with the flow.” I'm not sure where he heard it, but I'm glad he shared it with me. As a teen, these words helped me deal with peer pressure because I would visualize my peers as that river and myself being that dead fish when I was tempted to just go along with the crowd.