I first started going to Studio Fitness because the fitness class I had attended for years, CST-X, was moving there. CST-X, led by Bill Mallin, is a fantastic class. Bill has a passion for people and fitness. Many in the class, including myself, have lost pounds and body fat. It's hard to escape unnoticed--you will receive texts if you miss too many classes! And he always tries to mix it up, which keeps the class interesting. I now also participate in spinning Thursday mornings, the Hill Tuesday mornings (sometimes at Spott's Park and sometimes at the gym), and trail running Sunday mornings, so fitness has become an integral part of my life. The community of group exercise classes is very motivating as well. I see many of the same people at spinning, CST-X, and the Hill each week.

I have been to a couple other group classes at Studio Fitness, such as Andrea's spinning class, and I've enjoyed those as well. The gym feels small and friendly. I love the layout and, as a Heights resident, the location as well! It's a great gym that I'm happy to belong to!