This gym and its staff go above and beyond to encourage a safe and knowledgeable place for people of all skill sets to improve their health. I see the clients that the training staff take on. Some are extremely obese and may have given up on their health and their bodies for whatever reason. Life is full of trials and unfortunate circumstances and unless you walk in another’s shoes there is no way to know why certain people give up. Life is tough, simply put. BUT, what I see, is a gym that is willing to take on these clients, encourage them to work out in a safe and nonjudgmental place, and get them back to where they are supposed to be. Other gyms are superficial and would not take the time nor risk their image to help these people. While doing the right thing might come naturally to you all, it’s not that way at most gyms. You guys deserve all the praise in the world for the environment you have set up. I know that you will continue to change lives by leading by example. As an outsider, I am motivated and encouraged by the way you have set up your business.