Whole30 Day 1

Whole30 Breakfast Recipe
Saturday, I started the Whole 30 program for the second time. (Yes, second!✌) After doing Whole30 the first time I discovered a lot about my eating habits and the different foods that aren't as nice to my body as I wish they were (pizza, I'll miss you). However, even though I saw many benefits to staying Whole30, life happened (specifically, life with 3 kids who want boxed mac-n-cheese and fruit snacks for every meal) and I went back to snacking on things that were easy and simple and (processed). I broke the amazing habit I started of preparing my food for the week and began a new habit of winging it when it comes to meals, which never goes well for me.😒

That brings me to Saturday morning, when I decided to wing Whole30... I told myself I was doing it (and now all of you) and luckily had some amazing ingredients on hand to prepare my first back-to-Whole 30 meal. This time I want to do things a little differently though.

1. I'm going to be tracking my calories. Whole30 isn't suppose to be about counting calories and losing weight, it's suppose to be about avoiding the foods that have a negative affect on your body and just eating healthy. However I'm not the kind of girl that you can give free reign on calories too. The first time I did Whole30 I was consumed with the fact there was so much I couldn't eat, that I thought it was ok to eat as much as I wanted of all the foods I could eat. In my mind it just wasn't possible to eat a reasonable amount and track my calories while on Whole30. Except it is possible, there's an app for that (seriously, like hundreds of apps for that). So this time I'm doing Whole30 and counting calories. Not necessarily to lose weight, but just to keep my portions reasonable.

2. I'm going to have milk in my coffee. When I think of my happy place it always involves coffee. It often involves my family or friends too, but I always have a cup of coffee in my hand. The first time around I did coconut milk in a can or the unsweetened almond milk in my coffee, however, after spending so much time reading labels I noticed that the whole milk I get in the store has less ingredients on the packaging than any dairy alternative. I also found that my body does fine with the occasional milk in my coffee. I will skip the honey that I usually add in my coffee but I'm sticking with a splash of milk. (And by splash I mean exactly 1/4 cup, because I will be measuring and tracking it.😉)

3. I'm not going to be so hard on myself.
It's hard going out to eat when you're Whole30. Practically everything at a restaurant is cooked in butter, or has a sauce with wheat or sugar in it. I drove myself crazy the first time, trying to ensure every bit of my food didn't touch butter (delicious but a Whole30 no-no). It made going out to eat very difficult and not that enjoyable. So this time, I'll go out to eat, I'll order my food with no sauces, but if I take a bite of my fried egg and I can tell they used butter, I'm not going to feel like a Whole30 failure. I'll enjoy my meal, and just know that I'll be back on track with the next meal. Which I think is key here when it comes to cheating or getting off track on a meal plan. You can always get back on track with the next meal!

For anyone who has not tried Whole30 before, I strongly suggest to try it the way the program is designed the first time. It's set up a certain way for a reason, then after completing your first 30 days make adjustments that fit you and your lifestyle. I'll be posting the occasional picture on the Facet Seven Instagram of my Whole 30 Journey, and would love to see some of y'alls as well! Please tag us in your photos so I can "like" and "share".

-Bea Chess
No nutrition related credentials, just loves food.

Layn Chess

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