Why Do You Need Physical Therapy?

Why Do You Need Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy can help you improve overall physical performance. We start with a detailed Evaluation of your history and use a movement assessment to establish a baseline so we can set goals together on what you want to achieve.

If you have pain, stiffness, or weakness and don’t want surgery: studies have shown that solid Rehab can be equally effective. If you have symptoms, but want to work out and don’t know how to start with a safe exercise program: we can help you understand what exercise to work on and what exercises to avoid.

If you had an injury, or underwent surgery, we will work together with you on regaining all your mobility and strength. We also help to reduce spasms and swelling that may happen after injury/surgery. Then we work on exercises that improve your conditioning, agility and balance so we can prevent repeat injuries.

Why do you need physical therapy?

Research has shown best outcomes when physical therapy treatment consists of a combination of Manual Therapy, Exercise Therapy and Patient Education.

In many clinics the physical therapist sees 2-3 patients at the same time and they have no time for all 3 of these components, so you just get a partial treatment, or you are treated in a group.

Not with us: you get our undivided attention and you are always seen by a Dr. of Physical Therapy. We only treat one patient at a time, so you get our undivided attention.

Dr. Pieter de Smidt, PT, DPT

Do You Have Pain? Schedule a Free Assessment | Dr. de Smidt has over 30 years of experience as a Physical Therapist. He has achieved certifications in Mckenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, Manual Therapy and Sports Therapy. With his Post-Professional Doctorate in PT he specialized in management of musculoskeletal injuries of the neck, back, shoulder, hip and knee.