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Facet seven™ Etiquette

Find out more information about our gym etiquette.

Here at Facet Seven™ we want you to have the best workout experience.

We focus on quality and ask that you help us maintain the best workout space possible.

Gym use

Please scan in at the front desk every time you come in to workout. If you are attending a class and have not signed up online or via our Facet Seven™ app, please let the front desk attendant know so that they can sign you in. You can download our app here. View age restriction information here.

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Please arrive on time. We don't want to interrupt the class after it’s started so if you are more than 10 min late to the class, you will not be allowed in. There is a fee for not showing up for a class. If you know you can’t make it after you’ve made a reservation, make sure to cancel as soon as possible to avoid this charge.

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Facet Seven™ gear and supplements

We have a selection of shirts and other Facet Seven™ apparel as well as supplements available for purchase at the front desk. All supplements are all natural and each product was thoroughly researched and approved by the Facet Seven™ Team. So rest assured it’s a quality product. If we wouldn’t use it, we won’t sell it!

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Hydration- Bring a water bottle

In an effort to reduce waste, we encourage everyone to bring a reusable water bottle. We have water dispensers that are able to fill any size bottle or cup. In the event that you forget, we sell bottled water and Facet Seven™ squirt bottles that you can reuse next time you come in.

gym weights

Racking weights

Please return your weights where they belong. With the amount of equipment we have, it’s been a logistics endeavor finding a place for everything. With due diligence and creative planning, we have finally found a safe and efficient spot for every toy in the sand box.

Dumbbell racks are color-coded to help you know which dumbbells belong on which racks.

gym weights

The collars fit perfectly out of the way on the arms of the benches.

gym weights

We have labeled all the weight trees so you know where the weight plates go, which allows all pegs to be used. Otherwise, not all the plates will fit.

gym weights

Please, please, please wipe down benches, mats and equipment after use.

Our cleaning crew and staff work hard to keep everything as clean as possible, and even so, we need your help keeping this place top notch. It only takes a second and we provide Lysol wipes all throughout the gym.

Ask for help

Ask for a spot if you need one. We’re all friendly and willing to help. Also don’t be afraid to ask how to use a piece of equipment or do an exercise. We have plenty of trainers and knowledgeable staff who can give you a quick spot or overview.

Sharing is Caring

Our membership cap allows us to say we always have equipment available. If you are working out during a peak time, please be mindful of others wanting to use the same equipment as you. Don’t tie up a bunch of equipment at once or text in between sets. Be willing to let others work in.

Help us keep our things nice

Please don’t drop weights in the strength (barbell/dumbbell) area as they can break. For those lifts requiring drops, we have bumper weights.