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From one on one, individualized training sessions to small group formats, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’ve worked with a trainer before and are looking to get back into an effective program or you’re brand new to the experience and want to learn proper form along with all the basics, let us show you the difference a true fitness professional can make.


The most personal, impacting, and high quality exercise experiences occur during one on one sessions. From your initial consultation and movement assessment to the moment you finally crush that goal you thought was impossible, the individual attention received during your training is unmatched in any other exercise setting.


With nearly all of the same features and personalized attention of one on one training but at a discounted rate and enjoyed with a friend, duo training is a steal. Scalable and easily modified workouts mean your exercise partner can be on your fitness level or 10 floors above.


Small Group Training combines the individual attention, care, and form correction of 1:1 sessions with the dynamic and energetic atmosphere only found in a group setting. With workouts accommodating 3-8 people per class, you’re never left to endure the WOD alone.


Facet Seven was developed with the intention of creating sustained vitality through the application of movement and nutrition.

Regarding movement, we love the FMS doctrine, “Move well. Move often.” What exactly does it mean to move well? We agree with Kelly Starrett of MobilityWod that there are specific positions and anatomical shapes that the body should be able to get into free of injury and without a major strain. Moving well means you have the movement freedom to:

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“Since working with my Facet Seven personal trainer I’ve noticed a great increase in strength and flexibility. Emotionally and spiritually I’m also much happier and have a more positive outlook. It feels so much better to be physically fit – it manifests itself in every aspect of my life.”



After spending several years training himself and assisting friends in their fitness goals, Layn Chess took his passion for fitness to a professional level in 2009 with his NASM certification. He went from being an independent trainer to co-owner of a 20,000 square foot facility, Facet Seven in the Heights. In the pursuit of understanding the effects of training and nutrition to the fullest, he entered the Fitness Texas 2011 Bodybuilding Tour getting 3rd place heavy weight. He also competes in endurance sports, recently completing the AlaskaMan Extreme Ironman in July 2017, and ultra distance marathons placing top 10 at the 2016 Bandera Texas 50k trail run.

Layn credits his success in the events to the program he co-founded in 2015, Facet Seven. F7 is a training program designed to guide people to their optimal fitness potential. Layn has immersed himself fully in the fitness industry, helping his clients to change their habits and lead healthier lives. He believes accessibility to the right information and the right environments sets everyone up for success.

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Coach Tom

Fitness Trainer
8+ Years Experience

Movement Quality, Muscle Growth, Strength

Coach Jeraldine

Fitness Trainer
7+ Years Experience

Correctives, Fat loss, Muscle Growth

Coach Marcus

Fitness Trainer
3+ Years Experience

Movement Quality, Muscle Growth, Strength

Coach Colton

Fitness Trainer
5+ Years Experience

Movement Quality, Strength & Conditioning

Coach John

Fitness Instructor
8+ Years Experience

Movement Quality, Muscle Growth, Strength

Coach Chelsea

Fitness Trainer
7+ Years Experience

Fat Loss, Strength, Endurance, Mobility

Coach Jake

Fitness Trainer
8+ Years Experience

Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Gain, Sports Specific Training

Coach Nick

Fitness Trainer
6+ Years Experience

Movement Quality, Strength, Conditioning

Coach Mekel

Fitness Trainer
8+ Years Experience

Strength, Endurance, Mobility

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