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We started with a fitness-changing idea.

With a wide variety of cardio equipment, pin-select machines, and free weights, we have something for everyone.

Facet Seven is a neighborhood style gym with two locations: The Heights and EaDo. Both locations were designed and built to inspire our members and coaches by providing them with the equipment and space necessary to pursue limitless fitness opportunities.
Despite the large size of our facilities and the diversity of activities they offer, we pride ourselves on the sense of community and motivational atmosphere we have developed over the years.

With membership caps in place to ensure consistent, quality experiences, we’re never over-crowded.

You can be assured your gym time is always productive and stress free. Whether you’re looking to take on that long ride in a cycle class, meet up with your personal coach, or just do your own thing, you’ll feel right at home at Facet Seven.

We have options for everyone in their pursuit of Complete Fitness.

As we all know, everyone is different. This means that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work.

What are the Facets?

FACETS is an acronym for a six-level system.

Practice all 6 FACETS—Flexibility, Agility, Core, Endurance, Toning and Strength—and you’ll reach FACET SEVEN, Complete Fitness!

FACETS Stands For

FACETS is an acronym for a six-level system consisting of Flexibility, Agility, Core, Endurance, Toning and Strength.

Practice all 6 FACETS, Consisting of Flexibility, Agility, Core, Endurance, Toning and Strength. Reach FACET SEVEN - Complete Fitness.


It is becoming widely known that the foundation of strength is mobility. It’s not important how much you can bend… rather how controlled you are when you bend. Controlled range of motion leads to longevity of the joints and strength for the body.


Whether you’re just learning ‘not to mix up your right foot from your left’, or training to win your next game… We have Equipment, Programs, and Coaches available to take you to the next level.


Your core can be hit from every angle… Front, back, and side to side. Don’t forget rotation and anti-rotation! But don’t worry, all of our programs and classes take the guess work out by including it all.


Having a strong cardiovascular engine means you’ll be stronger and leaner, and be able to explore this world without running out breath.


This is why cookie-cutter fad diets can be unhealthy and don’t always work especially in the long term. But with the tailored guidance of an expert from Facet Seven, you’ll have everything you need to achieve your dietary and fitness goals.


We are all stronger than we realize, and most of us need to get stronger than we are. Therefore we include strength as a pillar of growth in all of our classes and programs so we can create bodies that can do anything and last a lifetime!