Not your typical jocks sweating all over the place and girls pretending to work out. This gym is more open minded and focused on getting you healthy! Very comfortable. Tons of classes offered in covering a broad range of interests. Even child care offered. All trainers are fun and skilled. Highly suggest this place. Now its just up to you to get off the couch and go!


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This fitness studio is fantastic! Roomy, great staff, perfect training environment!


This is a fantastic gym, so many options when it comes to working out. All the classes that I have taken have been amazing especially kickboxing and barre!

Rose Marie

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Definitely the best gym I have been to. The facilities are amazing and have all the equipment for a variety of workouts To achieve any fitness goal. The staff, specially the trainers, are awesome and well educated in fitness and musculoskeletal aspects. They provide the right level of coaching during ...


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Layn is such an incredible instructor (Layn). So welcoming, friendly, and attentive.

ClassPass - Facet Seven EaDo (Strength & Conditioning)

The class was amazing after a long week at work and working out. Lauren was a great instructor who was helpful and easy to follow. Im just getting back into yoga and felt very comfortable. The best part...the lavender towels at the end!

ClassPass - Facet Seven Heights (Zen Yoga)

Absolutely loved this gym. They have every piece of equipment you could ever want and its not crowded. If you enjoy weight training, I recommend 120%.

ClassPass - Facet Seven Heights

I really like this gym, I've been coming since the beginning of January not very long but everyone makes me feel welcomed like they've know me forever. The workouts are challenging but its worth it, I mean why come of you dont want to be challenged? the coaches dont compromise form they make sure you're performing correctly so that you wont get injured. The faculty is spacious has all updated equipment and is clean. They also play really good music during the workouts. I love that they offer classes all different times of the day to accommodate almost anyone schedule.


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This gym offers EVERYTHING including free weights, machine and cardio equipment, TONS of group classes every day, and an open training area to perform more boot camp style workouts. They cap the memberships during peak hours so it’s never crazy packed. The group classes (my favorite part about this gym) are very challenging and are offered at all times throughout the day. After being a member at LA Fitness for several years, this gym blew away my expectations. Love it!


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Very friendly and spacious gym. It has everything you'd ever need including TRX. I'm motivated every time I am in this gym.


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I took my first barre class ever with Anna, and she was amazing. She's super sweet, inspiring, and a knowledgeable instructor. Between correcting my form and chasing my ball around the room, she never made me regret my decision to sign up (well maybe once). I like that her classes are small for more of a private training feeling. Music was great and upbeat and made me forget I was in my personal room of pain.

ClassPass - Facet Seven EaDo (Barre)

Stefani was SO MUCH FUN, you forget you’re working out! I remembered this morning when I woke up sore in all those target areas...booty, shoulders and inner/outer thighs! Best class ever

ClassPass - Facet Seven Heights (Barre)

I love this gym! I have been looking for a gym with a boxing bag for a long time and I have finally found it. The staff is great! As soon as you walk in and look around, you will realize that this is what a gym is supposed to look and feel like.


One of the best kept secrets in East downtown this place is a One-Stop shop for all Fitness.


Google - Facet Seven EaDo

Awesome class, AMAZING instructor (Alie)! Music was on point and rhythm ride keeps you engaged!

ClassPass - Facet Seven Heights (Cycle GX-Rhythm Ride)

We loved coming to Studio Fitness. It is by far the best gym we have ever joined. They've done really good work to create a special atmosphere that's welcoming to everybody and has all the facilities to get a great work out. It's the gold standard by which we'll measure any gym we join in the future. Please keep doing what you're doing.

Dan M.

LOVE this gym!!!! The group classes are amazing and every instructor is so encouraging and detailed on how to do the workouts. The gym is also pretty large and has all the equipment from machines to bands to kettle bells, plate weights, etc, you name it they’ve got it! I highly recommend joining this gym if you’re looking to commit to your health/fitness!



This gym and its staff go above and beyond to encourage a safe and knowledgeable place for people of all skill sets to improve their health. I see the clients that the training staff take on. Some are extremely obese and may have given up on their health and their bodies for whatever reason. Life is full of trials and unfortunate circumstances and unless you walk in another’s shoes there is no way to know why certain people give up. Life is tough, simply put. BUT, what I see, is a gym that is willing to take on these clients, encourage them to work out in a safe and nonjudgmental place, and get them back to where they are supposed to be. Other gyms are superficial and would not take the time nor risk their image to help these people. While doing the right thing might come naturally to you all, it’s not that way at most gyms. You guys deserve all the praise in the world for the environment you have set up. I know that you will continue to change lives by leading by example. As an outsider, I am motivated and encouraged by the way you have set up your business.


Has lots of machines to use. Nice people working at the desk. And they're pretty quiet at noon when I go during lunch. Love this place.


This was *amazing*! Short and sweet. High intensity. Mandy Trichell is a great trainer- lots of tips on form and encouragement.

ClassPass - Facet Seven Heights (Body Camp)

Matthew was awesome. Appreciate the music, thorough instruction and attention to form. Great workout!

ClassPass - Facet Seven Heights (Bootcamp)

This place is HUGE. Options, options, options! Into CrossFit? - they got it. Spin classes? Check. Just want to hit the gym and run on the treadmill, DONE. Something else? Yeah, they got that too. Probably the most complete real gym I've seen with much more reasonable prices to boot.


Studio Fitness is a serious gym...the workout facilities have everything you will ever need. They put the granite in your body, not on the countertops.


Excellent work out experience all around! This class mixed cardio that I love with strength training that I need. Encouraging instructor (Bill) who made sure to challenge each person in the room. Planning to go again!

ClassPass - Facet Seven Heights (CST-X)

I started here almost a year ago with a trainer bc I was not getting the results I wanted on my own. Rebecca has helped me come a long way. Having correct form along with someone that pushes you (believes in you!) Has helped me reach my goals faster and safer. My chiropractor is very happy with my posture now and calls me her poster child. My friends and bf have also commented on my legs and tush! The front desk staff is also awesome. Highly recommend.


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Nice studio in EaDo! There's parking conveniently across from the gym, check-in is easy and people are friendly, facilities are clean. I took a HIIT class with Teresa Nguyen and it was a killer workout! It's perfect if you're really trying to get into shape and she's great at teaching form. Would definitely recommend Teresa and this studio for a high intensity workout.


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Teresa was super sweet and gave a great class, I was so tired by the end of it, I definitely got a good work out with her!! Burned almost 500 calories in 45 minutes !

ClassPass - Facet Seven EaDo (HIIT)

This gym is an absolute playground! Really great staff and there’s so much you can do here and versatility in your work outs is crucial. Free weights, machines, flip tires, kick box, speed bag, all options here. The only piece I need to get down is actually showing up.


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My wife and I have been members of Bill Mallin's classes for over three years and of Studio Fitness since he joined forces with them. I am 58 (and proud of every year!) and Bill has "lovingly" motivated me to lower my body fat from +32% down to under 20%. I can't say enough good things about Bill as a trainer and a friend. We also utilize other spin classes as well as the gym weight training equipment. We love our gym and the people (both those that work as well as attend) who make it so special!


Best gym in Texas.


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This was my first kickboxing class ever and Lindsey made it so easy to follow and get into! Truly the most fun Ive had doing a group class! Would totally recommend to anyone wanting to try kickboxing for the first time!

ClassPass - Facet Seven Heights (Kickboxing)

I love the owner and the staff. People know you by name and they all motivate you!! My trainer helped me lose 30 lbs. I will never go back to a chain gym!


With the motto "Gym as it should be", this fitness studio excels in so many levels. I really like the location, the space and the staff is very friendly. Would definitely recommend it to my friends!


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This is a great neighborhood gym! It's spacious, clean and friendly. The staff is great, I really enjoy all the classes I've taken here (especially Barre with Anna, I go every week!). They have something for everyone, whether it be equipment, community or classes. Good prices for membership too!


Google - Facet Seven EaDo

Love this place and perfect you have so many membership options as well as different fitness classes and weights.


Google - Facet Seven Heights

I first started going to Studio Fitness because the fitness class I had attended for years, CST-X, was moving there. CST-X, led by Bill Mallin, is a fantastic class. Bill has a passion for people and fitness. Many in the class, including myself, have lost pounds and body fat. It's hard to escape unnoticed--you will receive texts if you miss too many classes! And he always tries to mix it up, which keeps the class interesting. I now also participate in spinning Thursday mornings, the Hill Tuesday mornings (sometimes at Spott's Park and sometimes at the gym), and trail running Sunday mornings, so fitness has become an integral part of my life. The community of group exercise classes is very motivating as well. I see many of the same people at spinning, CST-X, and the Hill each week. I have been to a couple other group classes at Studio Fitness, such as Andrea's spinning class, and I've enjoyed those as well. The gym feels small and friendly. I love the layout and, as a Heights resident, the location as well! It's a great gym that I'm happy to belong to!


Great instructor (Stefani)!! Very positive and friendly! Would recommend this class for people looking to tone up, I was sore walking out of the studio!

ClassPass - Facet Seven Heights (Barre)

I love this gym. It's like the "Cheers" of fitness. People are friendly. Great classes. Love Core Synergistics and Hunter's new spinSIX. Great, enthusiastic trainers.


Studio Fitness in the Heights is more than a gym, it's a community in which neighbors become friends, which encourages consistent attendance. What better way to start the day than with friends working towards better health in a warm, friendly and fun manner! Bill Mallin makes every workout memorable from muscle aches to laughter. He invests in each and every member of the CST-X class and the investment pays off in terms of weight and inches lost.


Great class. Really focused on strength building and bodily awareness. Truly a good one for all levels -- the instructor (Paul) gives personalized advice to most enhance your practice. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to mix up their routine or practice!

ClassPass - Facet Seven Heights (Yoga for Strength and Balance)

Jose Madrigal is the owner and I have been working out with him off and on for almost 10 years. Jose knows working out and getting healthy. He has created this unique environment that shows that he knows what a gym should be. This is the place to work out. There are plenty of machines to do circuit training, there are many different classes and now there is child care. Perfect.


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“Facet Seven is an exercise playground paradise that presents members with an abundance of fitness styles in a fun atmosphere while maintaining a noticeable standard of operational excellence.” See more at

“Layn Chess, President of Facet Seven, talks with Matt Register and Jay W. Curry, Hosts of “Texas Business Radio,” about a new training concept called “Facet Seven” which is actually an acronym for Flexibility, Agility, Core, Endurance, Toning, and Strength. This training concept helps people to have a road map to exploring different training modalities to achieve Complete Fitness.” Watch the full video at

“The gym itself appears to be a refurbished old garage, and yet it somehow manages to combine the best of both worlds in terms of style – appealing to those who like that grungier gym feel (not me), while at the same time welcoming people who are total snobs and want to work out somewhere pretty (me). In terms of classes the gym offers, Stephanie’s HIIT class is an insane bootcamp-style workout, and it’s my total jam. I also took Carlton’s kettlebell class one morning, and that was a great workout as well!” See more at

“Being a parent can be difficult. If you are committed to exercise, finding a gym that also offers child care is important, but not all places are the same. Keep your child happy and safe while you work out…” See more at Houston CBS Local

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