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Forest Heights

Forest became interested in the fitness industry as a result of his own experience as a client. In early 2003, he was diagnosed and successfully treated for colon cancer. He has been in full remission since late 2003, but as a result of his treatment, he became very obese, increasing from 180 to 216 pounds in 6 months. In 2007, he finally decided to see a personal fitness instructor and, after 14 months he had substantially improved. After getting serious about eating a healthy diet along with his exercise routine he began seeing results he had never experienced before. So, with the encouragement of his trainer, he entered in the over age 60 (“masters”) category of the Louisiana Bodybuilding competition, held each year in Lafayette. Except for himself, the over age 60 field was composed of very experienced bodybuilding competitors, all of whom had competed successfully as younger men. He placed second in the 2009 competition and in 2010, he competed again for the Louisiana over age 60 title, this time winning first place. Forest has given up competition for his real passion, which is training on general fitness for working people and retirees. Before working here, he enjoyed working with older clients ranging in age from 40 to late 70’s in Metairie, La. He is most empathetic with clients who are interested in improving their general fitness, physical endurance and functional strength, especially core strength from which all fitness ultimately stems. He is particularly adept at dealing with clients who have specific physical limitations and he designs training routines specifically tailored to those clients’ needs. Forest’s approach has been to emulate his own early experience as a personal fitness client, starting with gradual progression in exercise intensity to assist his clients to achieve their specific fitness goals. He monitors his clients’ metrics by periodically documenting progress in functional strength, agility and endurance as well as by measuring weight control, lean body mass and body measurements. Forest believes that your later life is not the end, it can be the beginning.


Matt Heights

Matthew has been an ACE Certified personal trainer since 2017. Whether you’re training for a sport, a Tough Mudder, or you just want to lose a few pounds, Matthew will be able to help. Matthew has spent his entire life as an athlete and he wants to spread his passion for fitness to as many people as possible. His goal is to make training as fun and informative as possible while achieving the client’s desired results. Matthew incorporates functional weight training and places an emphasis on developing good movement patterns, core strength, mobility and flexibility. If you want to put on muscle, tone up, or get stronger and faster, Matthew will get you where you need to be.



John’s life has been surrounded by battles against weight and health. Growing up with obese parents, assisting his mother who passed away from cancer (after a 7-year battle) and his own personal loss of 30 pounds, it is easy to see why John strives to help people live healthier, better, and longer lives through health and fitness.

Born and raised in Houston, John participated in gymnastics, tap, and ballet in grade school. He enjoyed after-school basketball throughout his youth, played soccer in middle school, football from 8th grade through high school, and ran track in high school.

While attending Texas A&M, he played Ultimate Frisbee, rode his bicycle to class, and made time for the occasional trip to the weight room.

As pants got tighter, and regular tasks took seemingly more energy, which he felt he lacked, John decided to focus more on his health. Through this process (which included an injury), he re-evaluated his purpose in life, decided to aid people with their journey through health, and became a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

No matter the goal, John helps his clients understand how these 3 elements, with resistance training, yields better results and provides safer exercises on their journey to an improved self.



After spending his youth in athletics, Marcus had to overcome several sports injuries forcing him to grow his knowledge of recovery while building his appreciation for form and function. After obtaining his SFL1 giving him proficiency with a Kettlebell, he realized the value of controlled range of motion and decided to get his certification in mobility from the best in the industry with Kelly Starretts Mob1 course. If you're looking for injury free progress while gaining strength and function for a lifetime, or wanting to process in your sport, Marcus will deliver with and attitude professionalism while making sure you're having as much fun as hanging out with your friends.




With a degree in Psychology from The University of Texas at San Antonio, Rebecca understands the importance of human behavior and how it affects our everyday decisions, especially when it comes to exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle.

After interning with psychiatrists, Rebecca began to find that field wasn’t challenging enough for her but knew she could help exponentially with a more hands-on approach. Rebecca decided to get a personal training certification through ACE to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. She has a passion for helping the community in every aspect of their lives. It is a primary driver for her motivation.

Since an early age, Rebecca has led an active lifestyle. In high school, she was part of the marching band, ran everyday day after school and in college joined the running team. She then encouraged family and friends to work out and soon they came to her for advice. She is inspired to help others do the same through a variety of training methods including HIIT, Strength Training and Circuit training. She is also interested in soon obtaining a Nutrition Certification and a Yoga Instructor Certification.



Jessica was a sprinter in her childhood, who won nearly every race she competed in. In High School, the track team wanted her and saw great potential in her gift. In team practices, she discovered she was getting bad headaches and knee aches on her right side after every run. Jessica went to a doctor to find out what was the matter and was diagnosed with Functional Scoliosis at age 14. It was the end of her running career.

Ten years later Jessica began her health and fitness journey through a Functional Weight Train study. She noticed that with Functional Weight Training her spinal curvature improved and found herself moving toward training as her focus of study. As a result she is interested in helping those with postural imbalances. Jessica originally started her weight training with the intention of building lean body muscle. As a result she became interested in lifting weights, body-weight exercise, and the TRX for herself and her clients.

Jessica also witnessed her father’s struggle with weight gain and diabetes. After her studies, she is now certified to help those who suffer from hypertension or weight gain issues to help them safely reach their goals. Whether you are looking to improve your stability, correct your posture, build lean muscle, or are looking to lose a few pounds, Jessica is interested in helping you.

"You don’t have to be born with a gift for athleticism to make progress in the gym. I had athleticism and lost it. You can get it back or get it for the first time. Just show up and I’ll lead the way." -Jessica

Jessica has been an NASM Certified personal trainer since 2018. She is also certified in Functional Movement Screening.



Tom has been a coach and trainer for 8 years in Florida and has worked with a wide spectrum of clients. He specializes in rehabilitation, biomechanics, strength and power development, and combat sport athletes.

Tom graduated from University of Central Florida where he studied sport and exercise physiology and earned a bachelors degree in exercise science. He is also Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

After college, he was a part of a project to provide educational material to develop better trainers, prevent chronic disease, and create wellness programs for small and large businesses. He also co-authored a continuing education course for certified trainers of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

During Tom's 4 years of pursuing his degree, he was a collegiate wrestler at UCF. While wrestling, he was a coach at the Jets regional Olympic training center, working with wrestlers developing skills to move forward to the Olympics and college wrestling. After his wrestling career, he started powerlifting and achieved a 750lb world record squat as well as the 13th best all time total.

Later, Tom moved back into the combat sport world and became the head Strength and Conditioning coach at The Jungle MMA in Orlando.

In 2019, Tom moved to Houston and became a coach at Facet Seven.



Chase Ligon is a student at the University of Houston where he studies exercise science. As a younger guy, he's got the energy to keep you hype and motivate you through some of the most brutal workouts. Having been the Master Trainer at the UH Rec Center, he has experience in all types of fitness, from spin, to Zumba, to powerlifting, and everything in between. He truly believes in holistic fitness and being the best version of yourself you can be, while improving that potential everyday. As a natural athlete and competitor, avid Spartan racer, and a United States Marine, Chase will get you moving and feeling the way humans have always been made to.



After struggling with obesity as a teen and going through bulimia and anorexia, Gabby decided to follow a doctor's recommendation of healthy eating and exercise. In 2010 she began as a Zumba instructor to help her friends feel more energized and happy overall through dance. Over the years she has achieved other certifications such as: Aqua Zumba (Water Aerobics), PiYo (Pilates/Yoga) and Barre. However, she saw the benefits women can receive by lifting weights at the gym and she wanted to encourage her students to do so. This was the biggest reason she became a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). Her latest certification in Senior Fitness has opened the opportunity of working with Older Active Adults to help them achieve complete fitness, which for her has been a source of incredible joy. Her goal is to not just to help people achieve their fitness goals, but to also continue learning about different methods of training and nutrition. @gabby_personaltrainer



[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RDczxKQ6mE&w=560&h=315]

Fitness hasn't always been a part of Jeraldine's life. Jeraldine grew up being what most people would consider as thick. Because of her genetics, she always had thicker legs and hips than most girls. Because of this, she started struggling with body image and self esteem issues from a very young age. Her lower body made her feel very insecure about herself and the social pressure to be thin eventually drove her to do everything she could to get skinny. Jeraldine spent several years running every morning and severely under eating. And although she did manage to lose weight, she did so in a very unhealthy and unsustainable way and instead of feeling better about herself, she only became more obsessed with watching the scale. As the years went by, Jeraldine’s fitness goals started to change. She started to understand that beauty does not come from what the scale says. She began focusing on becoming a healthier and stronger person. She understood that she could not change her genetics and slowly learned to embrace her naturally thick and curvy body. Today, Jeraldine spends her days helping other women realize what took her so many years to realize on her own. She teaches women to love themselves and to love their bodies. She motivates them to make good and positive choices to become healthier individuals. Jeraldine understands that joining a gym can be a difficult and often a very intimidating decision for most women, and therefore created Fierce Curves Fitness as her voice in pursuit of motivating and inspiring her ladies. Many times the added pressure of being surrounded by men can steer many women away from ever embarking upon their fitness journey. Which is why with Fierce Curves Fitness, our goal is to create an environment where women of all ages and backgrounds come together to motivate and encourage each other to achieve their fitness goals without feeling the need to conform to a certain stereotype. We strongly believe that fitness is not about being a specific size or shape. It is about being healthy and more importantly, it is about learning to love yourself and your body. Our goal is not only to help you lose weight and build muscle. It is to encourage you and guide you in your journey to a better body, mind, and spirit. And to show you that there is nothing a woman can't achieve! If you are looking for personal training or group training classes in Houston that specialize in women, you've come to the right place! Get in touch today to learn more about our services and special offers! @jeraldineo @fiercecurvesfitness fiercecurvesfitness.com



Moe is a health & fitness coach. He follows a holistic approach to strength and conditioning training and nutrition. Moe has acquired expertise in different styles of fitness such as gymnastics strength training, powerlifting, and athletic performance. To further improve his abilities and knowledge to help others reach their true potential, he believes and participates in frequent continued education. Moe was born and raised in Iraq where he graduated law school and became a lawyer, but he also wanted to continue growing his passion in health and fitness. Growing up as an athlete, he always wanted to become an athletic coach because of the positive impact fitness had on his mental and physical health. He wanted to share that with others. After moving to the United States in 2013, Moe decided to get certified as a personal trainer, sports nutrition expert, mobility specialist, and a strength and conditioning coach (with NASM, Precision Nutrition, ISSN, CrossFit, and more). To further increase his knowledge to help others in a manner that best fits their lifestyles, he attended seminars, workshops, and was mentored by some of the most leading names in the industry. Since then, he has applied his expertise in some of the best gyms in Houston and Los Angeles, like HVY Industry in Beverly Hills. Moe works with a wide range of individuals. He works with clients who are trying to change their body composition, achieve fat loss, and improve the quality of their lives. He is experienced in providing rehabilitation training following an injury. He also specializes in training athletes to improve their athletic performance and conditioning. Wherever a client is in their fitness journey, Moe is ready to help. Moe has personally experienced going through rehabilitating a torn hip labrum, managing digestive issues like IBS, and being an athlete with mild scoliosis. His experiences have given him increased insight to help others with similar issues. By utilizing a result driven holistic approach, clients are able to reach their goals while maintaining a high quality of life. Now Moe is back in Houston from Los Angeles to attend UH Law center for an LLM degree in International Law. He wants to continue focusing on both of his fields of passion, and he looks forward to helping his community here reach their goals. @moe.aljuboori moealjuboori.com



“Experience professionalism”

“I started with fitness at a young age. I went to college and wanted to do something I loved. I decided to get a degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science and began my career in fitness/wellness promotion in 2006.”


Brady Roberts works with his clients to understand their fitness goals, creating a customized strategy for helping them achieve new personal milestones. Brady has been named one of Houston's best fitness trainers by the Houston Chronicle. He was also recently named one of the Houston area's Top 3 Health Coaches by Thumbtack Professional Services. Since starting his services in 2006, Brady has taken an integrative approach to wellness.

His innovative techniques and positive customer reviews prompted Bark professional services to name him one of Shady Acres' top personal trainers. Brady prides himself in providing his clients customized training and teaching them to make healthy choices in their day-to-day lives.

His brand of circuit training combines high-intensity aerobics and resistance training designed to be easy to follow, while targeting fat loss, building muscle and strengthening the heart. Brady enjoys working with clients of all ages and levels of physical condition.

The current and former clients include those with chronic conditions, patients undergoing rehabilitation for an injury, pregnant women, fitness competitors and cancer survivors. He is especially passionate about his work with cancer survivors, having conquered the disease himself several years ago.

He has also had the opportunity to complete a supervised internship with a local exercise physiologist and been a long time workout partner to a professional bodybuilder/multiple time Olympia competitor. Brady is an honors graduate of the University of Houston, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health.

Brady is qualified and has experience in the following:

To my prospective clients, I run a professional business which can accommodate and respect your needs. I hope I get the opportunity to help you reach your potential. I provide multiple options for services to fit your time frame, and rates vary according to request. For more information, you can reach me directly by phone or email.

713-826-8372 www.bayoucity-fitness.com bayoucityfitness@yahoo.com

Learn about Brady's fight with cancer: http://www.rightfitpersonaltraining.com/houston-personal-trainer-brady-roberts/



"Colton is a passionate coach, focused on helping clients move with more ease, less pain, become stronger, and develop their relationship with their own health & wellness.

Colton graduated from West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX, earning a B.S. in Sports and Exercise Science, and finishing his collegiate baseball career in 2017. He has since been coaching and training for 3 years at Equinox Highland Park in Dallas, TX.

During his time in Dallas, Colton became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), coached off-season sport development programs for local High School Athletic Teams, and mentored new coaches / trainers into developing their own craft.

Having trained a variety of clients from Division 1 Athletes to elderly rehabilitation clients, he is well versed in the demands on the human body.

His competencies are in Movement Quality, Longevity Training, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, and Behavior Coaching.

Colton made the decision to take his talents down to Houston in 2020 and join the team of quality coaches at Facet Seven.

He is a true coach in every sense of the word. What you see is what you get. No fluff, just good content."



"Growing up, Kellon watched his family struggle with health complications due to thier lifestyle habits. He decided that he’d take a different route, and he knew the first step was to work on being more active. He began using weights in his cousin’s garage, and there his fitness journey began to unfold. As his love for fitness grew, he naturally yearned to learn more. This led him to travel all over the world, learning from some of the best coaches in the industry! This shaped his methods where his clients achieve results they never thought were possible, always while putting their health as a number one priority.

Kellon specializes in improving body composition and movement kinetics. He believes in educating each client while tailoring nutrition and training according to their lifestyle and goals. Tell Kellon your goal, and you'll surpass it coaching with him."