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Well rounded fitness training gym at Houston Heights

Large Group Classes

We specialize in hiring and developing the best Coaches in the industry, which means you'll get results safely, in the fastest way possible. Large Group Classes allow you to take a wide array of classes, supportive communities, and excellent Coaches.

Small affordable group classes in Houston East Downtown

Small Group Classes

Small Group Classes allow for a more personalized touch with custom programming, private access to a Coach with regular weigh-ins, access to Virtual Coaching for your 'homework days', personalized meal planning, & more!

Personal Training gym for functional fitness in Houston

Private 1:1 Sessions - Personal Coaching

Our Coaches have various specialties, but are all masters in general fitness. No matter where you're at or where you're going, our Coaches educate and guide you to your next level.

Girl climbing rope at Houstons best gym Facet Seven

Gym Access

Facet Seven™ is a neighborhood style gym in Houston with two locations. The Houston Heights and East Downtown.

Girl climbing rope at Houston gymGroup Classes in Houston EaDo Fitness GymWell rounded fitness training at Houston Heights Gym

The Plan Breakdown

Not sure what plan is right for you? Here's a breakdown of the benefits of Gym Access, Large Group Classes, Small Group Classes, and 1:1 Personal Coaching Sessions.

The Basic
The Personal
The Large Group
The Small Group
Unlimited Gym Access
Sauna Room
Massage Room
Body Composition Testing
Virtual Programs
Large Group Classes (5x/wk)
Small Group Classes (2x/wk)

We Teach Our Members How to Care For Their Body Not Just Today, and Tomorrow, but for a LIFETIME.

Hear What the Hype is About

What are the Facets?

FACETS is an acronym for a six-level system.

Practice all 6 FACETS, Flexibility, Agility, Core, Endurance, Toning and Strength - Reach FACET SEVEN™ - Complete Fitness.