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Fitness Trainer

Coach Emma

Movement Quality, Weight Loss, Strength

Growing up, fitness wasn’t a giant part of Emma’s life. Aside from youth sports, she never really focused on her physical health. Because of this, Emma started to gain some weight in her early teen years. This made her very insecure about her body, especially growing up in a generation where social media became big, making it easy to constantly compare herself to the girls she’d see online.

When she decided it was time to make a change, she joined a local cardio kickboxing gym. After a few months of this and becoming more athletic, she was approached by a coach who wanted to train her to box. She began training and became very strict with her diet and workout routine. After months of training, she competed in her first fight, and lost. Completely defeated, she quit boxing and decided fitness just wasn’t for her.

A few months after this, she was approached again by the same coach, but this time asking her to teach cardio kickboxing. This new opportunity excited her and she began coaching. Within just weeks of coaching, she realized there was nothing she loved more than helping others reach their goals. In search of more knowledge, she began weightlifting to expand on her skills, and saw a tremendous change in not only how she looked, but how she felt. She was able to create the body she always dreamed of having, doing exercises she thought she’d never be able to do.

After seeing this change, Emma decided she wanted to show others how fitness could change their lives too. That’s when she chose to become a personal trainer and completely changed her career path. To even further her education, she changed major and is now pursuing a B.S. in Exercise Science at the University of Houston. With everything she has learned, and continues to learn, Emma is confident in helping others achieve their fitness goals. She wants to show how a person can build their bodies to their unqiue goal, and how fitness helps with so much more than just physical appearance.

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