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FItness Trainer

Coach James

3+ Years Experience

Gymnastics, Mobility, Strength

James Wiseman was born and raised in Guatemala but moved to the United States when he was 12 years old.  During his high school years, James primarily played soccer as well as the guitar.  After graduating from high school, James decided to pursue college hoping to attain a career with music; however, during the first 2 years of college, James began to be involved with fitness and began to learn more about it.  Even though he was aware that he was new to the fitness industry he wanted to take a different approach and craft his own method.  Eventually, he decided to switch careers and pursue a career in Sports Exercise and Science.

During his time in college, James began to practice the handstand because it was a different perspective for engaging the physical body and because physical aesthetics wasn’t something he was ever interested in.  As James became more experienced he came across Calisthenics, a Gymnastic originated strength work method, which included learning skills such as handstand-pushups, planches, front levers and so forth.  However, even though the idea of learning complex/flashy skills was fun, James gravitated towards this method because it taught him: self awareness, self appreciation, balance, static movement, dynamic movement, rhythmicality, improvisation, freedom, discipline, perseverance, humility, consistency, standards, and much more.  In addition, some of his major influences include Ido Portal, Daniels Laizans, Ronaldinho and Yuri Van Gelder because of their unique perspective on physical activity.  

Even though his foundation was Calisthenics, what he truly seeks is “mastery of the human body” so he has also taken the time to understand other forms of practices such as powerlifting, yoga, dancing, static movement, dynamic movement, and locomotion.  To this day he continues to learn more about the human body.  

After college, James decided to embark on a new challenge, so he decided to move to Huston, Texas to fulfill his dream of becoming a personal trainer and share his knowledge and passion towards physical activity.  

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