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Fitness Instructor

Coach John

8+ Years Experience

Movement Quality, Muscle Growth, Strength

John is a coach that you can say has been around the block a few times. Growing up in Seattle, WA he was a multi-faceted athlete playing football, wrestling, tennis, track, and soccer.

But being a student athlete can take its tole on the human body. Having suffered multiple injuries, John struggled to continue to play the sports he loved because of the nagging aches and pains. He even contemplated quitting sports altogether.

John began seeing a physical therapist once a week during his senior year in high school. This PT opened his eyes to what the human body was capable of in terms of movement, and being in pain isn’t normal or something you have to deal with.

Thats when John shifted his love from sports into a passion to help others experience the freedom of “pain free movement”

Since graduating from one of the nations top personal training programs in 2013, John has immersed himself in the fitness industry specializing in strength & conditioning, functional movement, rehabilitation, athletic development, weight loss and nutrition.

Having worked with clients of all ages and needs, John strives to give each and every client the freedom to express movement within their own bodies.

John’s passion and love to help others is what makes him an incredible coach.

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