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Fitness Trainer

Coach Nick

6+ Years Experience

Movement Quality, Strength, Conditioning

Nick has been a personal trainer and powerlifting coach for 7 years in the Houston area. He has a passion for training individuals with unique needs and has found success with his clients by emphasizing communication, consistency, and tenacity.

With a background coaching a broad range of clients, he’s found his niche in helping lifters over the age of 60 to retain independent, functional, and adventurous lives with strength training. While many of his senior lifters have never picked up a barbell, yet he has been featured twice on local Houston news with one of his clients, Mrs. Townsend. Despite her rheumatoid arthritis, she has broken numerous state powerlifting records. You can learn more about her here.

Currently an ACSM certified personal trainer, and holding both a BA and MA in philosophy from the University of North Texas, Nick prides himself in remaining teachable even as he teaches others. He regularly attends barbell seminars and has worked with Starting Strength, Barbell Logic, and USAPL.

Further combining his skills and passion, Nick is also a professional powerlifting coach. Taking on the role of programming and coaching a team of lifters of all ages, he not only programs the team for powerlifting meets, but he also helps them at the meets and loves watching them become part of the strength community. His experience has led him to also handle Olympic weightlifters and count attempts at Olympic Weightlifting meets.

Nick has competed in powerlifting off and on since the early 2000s, overcoming congenital spine and hip defects and the pain associated with them. He currently competes in both the USAPL and USPA (drug tested) federations of powerlifting, specializing in the bench press. While still competing in all three lifts, he has qualified for USAPL nationals in bench-only for several years now. He has also competed successfully in football and the discus throw.

He also periodically organizes and runs strength events at Facet Seven EaDo. Recent events have included mock powerlifting meets before official meets, the strength portion of the Fall Fitness Fest, and most recently the first annual Space City SuperTotal, which combined Olympic weightlifting with powerlifting for one total score.

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