The Studio Fitness app provides class schedules,
a social media platform, creation of goals and participation
in club challenges.

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How to earn rewards

Earning Perkville Points within the app is pretty simple. In fact, we give you points just for showing up to workout! Once you’ve connected your app to your fitness tracker and social media sites, you can earn points for checking in and logging work outs. Don’t already have a fitness tracker? Then use ours! You can log all your workouts within our app and earn points that way.

How to redeem rewards

Ok, so you’ve racked up a ton of Perkville Points but don’t know how to use them? We’ve got you. Do you want to bring a friend for free? That’s only 50 points. Or how about walk next door to Kraftman Baking for a cup of coffee? That’s only 75 points. We also offer free classes, water bottles, lots of Kraftman freebies as well as free personal training. Just click on the rewards tab within your app and you can see how many points you have accrued and what all you can get with them.

Still have questions?

Contact us at or 713-863-8414 and we will get them answered.